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If it's a new bath, shower or just taps you're after, don't just dream about it - let us install it.

Call Rene Plumbing and Heating for complete bathroom installation services in your home.


With our expertise in building as well as plumbing and gas, we're able to offer the complete package when it comes to your bathroom fitting. We'll give you a free quote and a cost breakdown, matching your budget and giving you a chance to tweak your designs. Then our plumbers and builders will install your new bathroom and finish the job with tiling and decoration if needed.

  • We offer a full design and build service

  • New baths, toilets and basins

  • Showers and shower cubicles

  • Tiling

  • Complete plumbing work and drainage connection

Ten minute showers can use up to 400 litres of water with a regular old showerhead. By choosing a water-efficient showerhead, which saves a lot of water, you can also save significantly on your water bills.


To reduce your spending on water even more, we suggest you choose flush-efficient toilets and low flow taps in your bathroom which do exactly the same thing but with less water.

For fitting of your new bath, shower or basin, call 01234 880 494

"My bathroom feels like I live in a hotel after the full bathroom installation. I will never move. Our highly recommend Rene for everyone."

-Kathy Parker  


"My new electric shower looks so good and feels even better. The price quoted was better than expected and the install took no time."

-Eric Winson 

Water-efficiency in bathrooms

What does a bathroom installation package include?

Complete bathroom and shower installations

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How to choose a shower for your home?

We know it's not easy to choose a shower for your home as there is a variety of different kinds of showers on the market to choose from. We would like to give you some advice so you can make informed decision and buy a shower which is the most suitable and beneficial for your needs. Below we listed the most common showers with their benefits and deficiencies.

Power showers

Power showers are often consumer's first choice because they are known for they pressure and the fast speed of water delivery which quarantees a satisfying -and if needed, quick- showering experience.

However you need to know that a shower pump is required for all power showers in order to maintain the high pressure and speedy water delivery. In addition power showers can be noisy and wasteful of water thus not the most economical choice.

Electric showers

The main benefit of electric showers is that they produce hot water on demand and thus not rely on a boiler to heat the water. Electric showers are also fairly easy to install and thus quite fuss-fee. They also come in eco versions which allow you to be sustainable and save up to 50% on water usage and thus save you money on water bills.

Bare in mind that electric showers are not the most powerful ones unless you pick one with high kilowatt usage.

Mixer showers

Mixer showers deliver good flow of water from hot and cold water supplies at the same time, and they can be installed for both high and low pressure water supplies. Hot water supply can be either a combi boiler or a hot water cylinder. Mixer showers also come in eco versions allowing you to save on your water bills.

However, if there is a high demand of simultaneous hot water use in your home mixer shower is not the best option as it draws water from the same source as all the other taps in the house. It means that the temperature of the water would change and the pressure would drop.

Shower towers

The appearance of a shower tower is usually stacked or panelled and thus differ from conventional showers. Shower towers have a modern approach to the shower market offering multiple features such as bodyjets enabling you to get water sprayed on you from different angles.

Even though a shower tower can be a very attractive feature in your bathroom bare in mind that it uses a lot water and can only be installed to homes with high water pressure. The pressure, however, can be boosted with a shower pump. Futhermore, this superior showering experience can be quite expensive.

We at Rene Plumbing and Heating are happy to help you to choose a shower which is the best suitable for you, your family and your home.

Don't hesitate to call us on 01234 880 494 and get our professional opinion. We can also provide you a free quote for your new shower installation.