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State of the art drain unblocking services

If your drain is blocked, you need a reliable drain unblocking service that guarantees a clean drainage system.

Using cameras and high pressure water hoses, we can unblock your drain quickly and efficiently. With small CCTV cameras we detect a blockage before using our high-pressure jetting equipment to unblock your drain and have it working good as new.

How we fix your blocked drains

Using CCTV cameras has the advantage of never needing our plumbers to dig up your garden or home. We can unblock a drain usually within an hour of identifying the drain blockage.


We only charge a fixed price for drain unblocking, so contact us if you think you might have a blocked drain on your hands. We work in and around Bedford, Milton Keynes, Luton, North London and Northampton.

No need to dig your garden or home up!

If you have blocked drains and need a total drainage unblocking service for a fixed price fee,



01234 880 494

Pressure washing & drain unblocking using the latest drain technology for safe and efficient unblocking of your drains in North London, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton.

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