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Problem with your natural gas or LPG boiler?

Our engineers are fully natural gas and LPG trained and qualified and are available for call outs 24 hours a day for any issues you may have with your appliances. Any boiler problems can be inconvenient - especially during the winter season – if you have no central heating or hot water.


We at Rene Plumbing and Heating waste no time to locate the problem and suggest the best solution to get your house running warm as soon as possible!


We work in Bedford, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas of London, Luton and Northampton.


It is also important to service any other gas appliances in you home or property in order to make sure everything works efficiently, safely and realiably.

Our gas appliance servicing is always carried out by a Gas Safe registered and qualified engineer. As we want to be able to cater most customers, we have an qualified engineer for any service, weather you have:

  • Gas fire

  • Back boiler and fire unit

  • LPG cooker

  • Unvented hot water cylinder

  • Gas cooker

  • LPG fire

  • LPG boiler

  • Electric water heater

  • Thermostorage tank

  • Combi boiler

  • System boiler

  • Regular boiler

  • Commercial boiler

Don't forget to service all other gas appliances

Even though you may think boiler servicing is an unnecessary expense, we at Rene Plumbing & Heating strongly advise you to have it done annually for three main reasons:


For your safety:  Your boiler could be letting by lethal carbon monoxide fumes, if your boiler is not combusting properly. During the boiler service our engineer will search through the boiler for these leaks, to make sure that it is safe.


Reliability:  Boilers which are serviced regurlarly are less likely to breakdown or develop any problems. You will essentially reduce the chance of any expensive maintenance problems when servicing your boiler annually.


Efficiency:  If boilers are not serviced annually they are more likely to build up with grime, sludge, soot etc. This affects your boiler working less efficiently, as it will need to use more fuel or gas to maintain a regular temperature. During the service our engineer will clean out any necessary debris, making your boiler more efficient and cost-effective.

Why is is important to have your natural gas or LPG boiler serviced?

Haven't serviced your appliance for years?


01234 880 494 and book your service or breakdown visit today.

"I have used Rene plumbing & heating to service my boiler on a yearly basis and also to refurbish both my bathrooms.  I am delighted with the high standard of work carried out and will continue to use them for all my future servicing.  I would not hesitate to recommend them the refurbishments were Above and beyond my expectations, and the boiler service is very thorough with Gus explaining everything, highly professional and I would not use any other company."

-Jo Rea

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We are qualified to service and repair all different kinds of appliances such as LPG and natural gas combi boilers, system boilers or conventional boilers, back boilers, gas fires, gas cookers and hobs!


Call us today on 01234 880 494 to book in your annual appliance services!