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Get the full benefits of your central heating with powerflushing

Powerflushing clears your central heating system of dirt and grime, which if untreated can eventually lead to less efficient heating; costing you money!

To keep your radiators pumping out sufficient heat to your home, your central heating system should be circulating as clean water as possible. However, gradually over time sludge and grime builds up which blocks the flow of hot water around the system and may cause damage to some parts inside the boiler as well as your radiators. We recommend your system to be powerflushed regularby by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to keep your system sludge-free. Please note that home insurance or home emergency covers don't usually cover any damage in your heating systems which is caused by sludge.


Powerflush your central heating system regularly

  • Is your boiler noisy?

  • Do your radiators take a long time to heat up?

  • Is your heating bill larger than usual?

  • Do your radiators have cold areas?

  • Are your radiators or boiler leaking?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact us right away for a hassle free and efficient powerflush by our qualified gas safe engineers.


We're available throughout Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and wider areas like North London, Luton and Northampton.

Do you need a powerflush?

Powerflush your central heating system today and get your heating working efficiently.



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"Thank you for all your help powerflushing my central heating system. My radiators have never been so hot."

- Mark Fraser


"I recently had a power flush on my central heating system, by Rene Plumbing and Heating.

I cannot praise them to highly, their company was ably represented by Gus the engineer who undertook the task.

He respected our carpets by covering all, which may have been damaged.

The job turned out to be a difficult one, but undeterred, the engineer persevered and carried the work on into the following day, until the job was completed to his high standard.

After a couple of days, I was contacted by the company and the heating engineer visited to make sure all was working well.

I feel that I received a 5 star service from this company."

-S Farr

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Powerflushing uses high pressure hot water mixed with chemicals to blast the sludge and grime out of your radiators and boiler. Our powerflushing system also has a large powerful magnet which catches the sludge to prevent it from going back to the system.

How does the powerflush work?

Preventing sludge from building up

To avoid having to powerflush you central heating system too often, we recommend to fit a Magnaclean filter to help remove sludge and keep your central heating system clean.

Magnaclean works by collecting debris from the system using similar magnet as the powerflush and prevents it from going back into your boiler. It is well worth having a Magnaclean as it will prolong the life of your boiler. Magnaclean can be cleaned during your annual boiler service.

To prolong the life of your central heating system call us on 01234 880494 today in order to get a FREE estimate for a powerflush or a Magnaclean installation.